You know when you’re in a car full of people and nobody can agree on what they want to eat because your buddy’s new girlfriend Jessica, who is in the backseat complaining about her leg space, wants something different? Frankie Farelane’s gives you the variety to please a group full of people at one destination… You’re welcome, Jessica.


You know when you’re on a lunch break at work and you have to be fast but you don’t want to worry about the mythological content of your food from a drive thru, and you don’t have the time to go sit down at a restaurant and order from a waitress? Especially if it’s that restaurant where your buddy’s new girlfriend Jessica works and you really don’t want to see her after that argument you had with her last week about where to eat. Frankie Farelane’s brings you quality food in a Fast(ish) manner. Plenty of time to get in, get out, and back to work with time to spare so you can block Jessica from all your social media accounts. #sorryboutcha


When we say beef, we mean beef. When we say chicken, we mean chicken. When we say fish, we mean fish. When you order your food, you know what you’re getting. What we’re trying to get across is, we say what we mean. Not like your buddy’s new girlfriend Jessica who said she would cater your party for the big game with Frankie Farelane’s and showed up with a small veggie tray for 15 people. Thanks a lot, Jessica. WE’RE STUFFED.

***All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.***

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